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The 2017 Vendor Applications are now online and ready for downloading. The Application period will remain open until all spaces are full, at which time the applications will be removed.
New to the festival this year is a 69 room Hampton Inn located on the riverfront and within the festival. We strongly suggest All vendors booking rooms use this hotel as it will give you parking within the festival.

Hampton Inn

2017 Blue Crab Festival Vendor Application Status

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29th Annual
Blue Crab Festival

Palatka, Fl

May 26
5pm. to Midnight
Kick-Off Party
Live Bands

May 27
10am. to Midnight

May 28
10am. to Midnight

May 29
10 am. to 5 p.m.
Parade and Memorial Ceremonies

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Blue Crab Festival Committee
PO Box 1351
Palatka, Florida 32178-1351
Phone: 386-983-9772

Email Us: