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New to the festival this year is a second stage. This stage will feature local and regional bands. The location will also have a Full Bar along with Food vendors and beverages. Click here for a schedule of events for that stage.

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Friday, May 26.
ozzy tribute promo 2016 (59K)

DIARY OF AN OZZMAN is an exciting high energy Ozzy Osbourne Tribute show based in Florida! This is Ozzy at his best and craziest with an incredible band and show that will rock any festival stage or venue! You wonít believe your eyes and ears!
The band also features one of the best guitarists on the planet, Gary Schutt, who himself is a world touring national recording artist and front man of his own band.

Friday, May 26th
lazybonez (94K)

Lazy Bonez is the Amazing 80s Arena Rock Tribute Band!

Imagine going to see a show and itís nothing but hits and the encores you usually have to wait all night for, but you get the best songs right away?! Thatís a Lazy Bonez show! Lazy Bonez recreates the Arena Rock experience featuring the hit songs of such legendary groups as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Journey, AC/DC, Poison, Van Halen, Motley Crue, and so many more!

High energy, 80's Rock is what Lazy Bonez is all about! Check 'em out and party like it's 1989!!!

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29th Annual
Blue Crab Festival

Palatka, Fl

May 26th.
5pm. to Midnight
Kick-Off Party
Live Bands

May 27th.
10am. to Midnight

May 28th.
10am. to Midnight

May 29th.
10 am. to 5 p.m.
Parade and Memorial Ceremonies

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Blue Crab Festival Committee
PO Box 1351
Palatka, Florida 32178-1351

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